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For a VERY Limited Time:
For those that LOVE ASL or those with who you want to SPREAD THE LOVE of ASL! These Gift Boxes are packed with ASL GOODIES from 6 different Deaf-owned and Deaf community businesses! Check out the details below! 
What is in an ASL GIFT BOX?
There are so many amazing goodies packed in the ASL Gift Box! 

First, the famous Matt Maxey that founded the Deaf community advocacy group DEAFinitely Dope will be including these SIGN AND CHILL* shirts! 

*The shirts are not included in the pictures of the other items because Matt only has a certain amount and when they are gone we will update this with a different shirt. So if you like this one, jump on it now! 
(Matt is Deaf and grew up seeing the need for more advocacy for the Deaf community. He established DEAFinitely Dope to meet that need! )

The boxes will also include this amazing ASL mug featuring the signs for "YOU MATTER" from Sara Miller at Language Priority. 

(Sara, a Deaf woman working in Deaf education, started Language Priority as a way to create ASL focused products that support the Deaf community by being accurate as well as created by a native language user.)
The happy recipient of an ASL Gift Box will also get this CUTE ASL Coloring Book from Jacquie Dudt-Mulzet from The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood.

The coloring book features the alphabet in ASL and adorable pictures to color opposite each letter page!

(Jacquie is the mother of 4 adorable little girls. One of her little girls, Gracie, is the kiddo in the picture at the top of this page. She is Deaf and a native user of ASL. Constantly looking for books and items including terms like "Deaf girl," Gracie is the inspiration for her mother's adorable ASL resource.)

58Creativity is a business run by an amazing Deaf artist. One of our favorite items she has created is this "I Sign" pin. 

Share a love of ASL and connect with others with this pin! 
Jenny from DeafLoveILY embraces growing up in a hearing family and then finding her Deaf identity with her amazing products that all feature the ILY sign in ASL created from the English word LOVE. 

This 1 inch sticker is perfect to adorn a phone, laptop, or car to show your love for ASL. 

Photo is of our youngest student, Emma, practicing her ASL lessons. A quote from her mom is included at the bottom of the page. 
When you get all of these goodies in an ASL Gift Box, you will also get the most powerful tool for embracing or sharing your love of ASL. An online ASL course! 

~~~ Beginner Level 8 week course.*
~~~ Learn from a variety of signers! 
~~~ Practice and review in every module.
~~~ Get help and feedback simply by sending an email!
~~~ Have a team of professionals fluent in ASL to support your learning! 
Free Hearts Signing is a team of diverse individuals that are fluent in ASL. Together we have a mission to spread 
love and language through simple, accessible, online courses designed to fit a variety of needs. 

*If, in this ASL Gift Box, you would prefer to have an intermediate course included instead of the 
beginner course, email us at to get details.
 If you want BOTH the beginner course and the intermediate course, click to the next page to add the 
intermediate course 80% off!
See what the Free Hearts Signing 
community has to say... 
"It’s a wonderful way to be supported while embarking on ASL studies. Kate and Ashley - along with their team of teachers - are professional and personal, truly skilled and inspiring. I am excited to continue this journey with Free Hearts Signing."

"Emma and I LOVE doing the classes! You guys are awesome!!!!"

~Marissa (Emma's Mom)
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