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These ASL Gift Boxes are SO LIMITED! We only have a certain number (you won't be able to get to this page when we are out!) and they are only available for a few days so JUMP ON IT! Get your ASL Gift Boxes NOW! 
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ONE TIME OFFER - Only $97: Normally $497, this is the cheapest you will be able to get the intermediate level 8-week ASL Course! The DEAF WORLD Course is an immersive experience. Taught 100% by Deaf instructors that are incredibly diverse in age, gender, dominant hand, life and family experience, hearing level and devices, signing style, and more, this course will get you prepared for anyone you will meet in the Deaf community and is a powerful way to make your ASL skills strong and flexible to fit any situation.

Here's what's included! 
  • 8-week ONLINE beginner ASL course (support a team of Deaf and HoH professionals to spread love and language)
  • SIGN and CHILL shirt (support an advocacy  group fighting for accessibility for the Deaf Community)
  • The Sweeter Side of ASL Coloring Book (support a mama's efforts to create ASL resources for Deaf Kiddos like hers)
  • YOU MATTER mug (support a Deaf teacher that creates amazing, and accurate, ASL products - Accuracy is an issue when getting ASL products from companies that are not associated with the Deaf community. This is language appropriation. THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING DEAF BUSINESSES!)
  • ILY Sticker(support a new business that is all about SPREADING LOVE and celebrating the merge between the Deaf and Hearing Communities)
  • "I Sign" pin (support an amazing Deaf artist that is making the world more beautiful with her ability to merge amazing pictures with their signs)
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